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    At Solemn Profession, one dedicates himself entirely to God for life
    Solemn Profession is made shortly after beginning Theological Studies
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  • 6 At Ordination, one begins the apostolic life proper
    As Dominicans, our apostolate flows from our community life. We share the fruits of our common contemplation
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Ongoing Project

Build a Cloister for the Lord (Completed)

We would like to appreciate all our beloved donors and supporters. The Cloister Building has been completed and commissioned. May God bless and sustain you now and always, Amen.


Our Current Ongoing Project is the training of future Dominican Priests

The Training of Future Dominican Priests

The Province admits currently a maximum of 15 fresh students annually owing to the rising cost of the basic needs of the students such as food, healthcare, clothing, shelter and books. The training of a student till ordination is at a minimum cost of N500,000.00 annually.:

This may be a huge sum of money for some, but we appreciate whatever any man or woman of good will has to offer. So we have created further opportunities for anyone who wishes to help subsidize the training of our Dominican students as follows:

For full sponsorship of a Dominican Brother for 1 year =N= 500,000
i. To support a Dominican Student for one year =N= 100,000
ii. To support a Dominican Student for 6 Months =N= 50,000
iii. To Support a Dominican Student for 3 Months =N= 25,000
iv. To Support a Dominican Student for 1 Month =N= 12,500
v. To Support a Dominican Student for 1 week =N= 5,000
vi. To Support a Dominican Student with any Amount =N= 100, N500, N1000 etc.

For Our Account Details, call: 0803-374-0935 or 0805-506-0714

Cheque (in favour of SOCIETY FOR VOCATION SUPPORT) or Cash can be paid in the Parish Office of St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos.

Furthermore, realising that our financial and material needs continue to increase, due to the increasing demand of our preaching mission. We need to re-strategize and articulate an organized and enduring response to our problems. If we must live beyond mere basic daily survival and rise to the challenge of the numerous demands of the Dominican preaching mandate, we cannot but make a prophetic leap into a future of financial stability. We need to have viable financial income-yielding investments from which we can support our various needs as they relate to training future preachers and evangelizers.

For this reason we have initiated the PROJECT VOCATION SUPPORT NETWORK-1000. In the First phase of this Project, we plan to raise one thousand (1000) persons who will give us a minimum of fifty thousand Naira (N50,000.00) (i.e. $312.50). Thus we hope to raise about fifty million Naira (N50,000,000.00) (i.e. $312,500.00) which will be kept in Vocation Support Trust Fund and invested. Everyone who identifies with SVS is encouraged to connect friends and family members to this NETWORK OF GOD. Even if someone can give as much as N1000 monthly to support this NETWORK, it will go a long way to help build it up some day. We firmly believe that this new initiative and the generous support of men and women of good will, will mark the beginning of a brighter future for our mission.