• 1 Every Dominican begins his journey at the novitiate
    It's one whole year of intense retreat with the Lord to discern one's vocation
  • 2 After the Novitiate, one makes a religious profession of Simple Vows
    One then begins his studies of Philosophy and Theology for the Priesthood
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    A Community at Prayer
    The journey to the Priesthood is a journey of prayer, study, community living, regular observances and apostolate.
  • 5

    At Solemn Profession, one dedicates himself entirely to God for life
    Solemn Profession is made shortly after beginning Theological Studies
  • 6 At Ordination, one begins the apostolic life proper
    As Dominicans, our apostolate flows from our community life. We share the fruits of our common contemplation
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There are vocations...

... which manifest themselves. They must be fostered.

... which are not conscious of themselves. They must be awakened.

... which do not dare manifest themselves. They must be found and encouraged.

... which are in fear of being lost. They must be reassured.

... which meet with opposition. They must be strengthened.

... which are paralyzed by poverty. They must be helped financially.

How many men and women in your parishes are caring and compassionate individuals who are good listeners, articulate speakers, and loving enthusiastic Catholics?

How many of these special, gifted people have ever been invited to consider becoming a priest, sister, or a brother?


The 10-year process of becoming a Dominican priest or brother (known as “friars”) is called “formation”. The first step of formation in the Nigerian Province is to live and study at the Novitiate in Ibadan, Oyo State for one year as a “novice” under the supervision of a Dominican priest known as the Novice Master. During this first year of study and discernment, the novice experiences the Dominican way of life by living in community with the Dominican friars at St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, Ibadan. Novices engage in prayer, study, and various ministries in Ibadan.

The Dominican formation process is both rigorous and balanced to ensure that candidates are well-adjusted and suited to this special calling. By offering a unique combination of tradition and contemplative life (wearing a “habit”, engaging in common daily prayer) balanced against preaching, teaching, and ministry in the greater community, the Order seeks to produce well-rounded, spiritually mature men who will provide outstanding leadership and genuine pastoral care to the People of God.

The second step of formation occurs after the novice completes his year-long process of study, discernment and ministry in Ibadan. After taking first vows at the Community Chapel in a ceremony called “Profession of Vows,” the novice becomes a professed student brother and moves to the next stage. The student brother engages in philosophical and theological graduate studies at Dominican Institute of Philosophy and Theology for approximately seven more years before his ordination to the diaconate and priesthood.

Currently, there are about 63 student brothers and 9 novice brothers and 8 postulants in Ibadan.


You can support our mission by attending our events and participating in the following donor programs:

• Outright Gift Now (donate cash, securities, personal property);

• Monthly or Yearly Donations;

• Living Trust (revocable gift during your lifetime by naming us beneficiary of assets in a living trust);

• Bequest in Will (name us in your will or codicil);

• Life Insurance Gift (name us as owner and beneficiary of a policy);

• Real Estate Gift (donate the property to us during or after your lifetime);

• Retirement Plan Gift (name us as beneficiary of the remainder of the assets after your lifetime);

• Charitable Trusts/Annuities (create a trust or annuity program to meet your financial goals);


You need to know that:

The training of a student till ordination is at a minimum cost of N350,000.00 annually which is broken down as follows: 

i. Feeding for 12 months N200,000.00 (approx. $1125)
ii. School fees and materials for 2 semesters N240,000.00 (approx. $688)
iii. Healthcare (N5000x12 months) N60,000.00 (approx. $375)
       Total N500,000.00 (approx. $2188)

This may be a huge sum of money for some, but we appreciate whatever any man or woman of good will has to offer. So we have created further opportunities for any one who wishes to help subsidize the training of our Dominican students. The rates are as follows: 

i. To support a Dominican Student for one year =N= 100,000 ($625)
ii. To support a Dominican Student for 6 Months =N= 50,000 ($312.50)
iii. To Support a Dominican Student for 3 Months =N= 25,000 ($156.25)
iv. To Support a Dominican Student for 1 Month =N= 12,500 ($78.13)
v. To Support a Dominican Student for 1 week =N= 5,000 ($39)
vi. To Support a Dominican Student with any Amount =N= 100, N500, N1000 etc.

Payment Methods

Methods of Payment

(i). Cheque (in favour of SOCIETY FOR VOCATION SUPPORT)
or cash should be lodged into any of the following Accounts Numbers:

The Account Name for each of the accounts is: Society for Vocation Support

First Bank Plc - Acc No: 2003805808    or    3055667213
Ecobank Bank Plc - Acc No: 3182011979 
Access Bank Plc - Acc No: 0030381797
GT Bank Plc - Acc No: 0029122274

Zenith Bank Plc - Acc No: 1014264882
Petra Microfinance Bank - Acc No: 200101001049

Note: Please, kindly text your name and Pay-in-Slip Number to: 0803-374-0935 or 0805-506-0714

(ii). Cheque (in favour of SOCIETY FOR VOCATION SUPPORT) or Cash can be paid in SVS Office, DEMPSEY HOUSE, St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos.

Contact Us

Our Contact Details

Rev. Fr. Steve Ogbe OP
Director of Society for Vocations Support (SVS)
Head Office: Dempsey House,
St. Dominic's Catholic Church
356 Herbert Macaulay Way,
P.O.Box 44, Yaba, Lagos.

0803-374-0935, 017374580
omo752@yahoo.com, nvocation@yahoo.com

Dominican Community,
Samonda, Ibadan, Nigeria.